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CVS--Concurrent Versions System v1.11.1p1

This info manual describes how to use and administer CVS version 1.11.1p1.

1. Overview  An introduction to CVS
2. The Repository  Where all your sources are stored
3. Starting a project with CVS  
4. Revisions  Numeric and symbolic names for revisions
5. Branching and merging  Diverging/rejoining branches of development
6. Recursive behavior  CVS descends directories
7. Adding, removing, and renaming files and directories  Adding/removing/renaming files/directories
8. History browsing  Viewing the history of files in various ways
CVS and the Real World.
9. Handling binary files  CVS can handle binary files
10. Multiple developers  How CVS helps a group of developers
11. Revision management  Policy questions for revision management
12. Keyword substitution  CVS can include the revision inside the file
13. Tracking third-party sources  
14. How your build system interacts with CVS  Issues related to CVS and builds
15. Special Files  Devices, links and other non-regular files
A. Guide to CVS commands  CVS commands share some things
B. Quick reference to CVS commands  
C. Reference manual for Administrative files  Reference manual for the Administrative files
D. All environment variables which affect CVS  
E. Compatibility between CVS Versions  Upgrading CVS versions
F. Troubleshooting  Some tips when nothing works
G. Credits  Some of the contributors to this manual
H. Dealing with bugs in CVS or this manual  

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