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Previously Java language programmers had to choose between RMI and CORBA (JavaIDL) for distributed programming solutions. RMI provides an easy to use technology for writing distributed programs purely in the Java programming language. JavaIDL, while more complex than RMI, enables applications written in the Java programming language to communicate with clients and servers written in any CORBA-compatible language.

RMI-IIOP combines the programming ease of RMI with JavaIDL's CORBA-compliant interaction with software written in other languages. By adhering to a few restrictions, RMI programmers can now use CORBA's IIOP communications protocol to communicate with clients of any type, whether written entirely in the Java programming language or made up of components written in other CORBA-compliant languages.

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The OMG is the official source of information for all CORBA and IIOP related information. The CORBA 2.0 Specification is available electronically.

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