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pod2text < input

Translates pod to text and displays it. A wrapper around the Pod::Text module.



Displays help information


Sets base URL for the HTML files to name.


Generates index at top of the HTML file (default).


Converts pod file name. Default is to take input from STDIN.


List of page names (e.g., "perlfunc") that contain linkable =items.


Creates HTML file name. Default is to send output to STDOUT.


Uses name as base directory for finding library pods.


List of podroot subdirectories with pod files whose HTML-converted forms can be linked to in cross-references.


Uses Netscape HTML directives when applicable.


Does not generate index at top of the HTML file.


Does not use Netscape HTML directives (default).


Does not recurse into subdirectories specified in podpath.


Recurses into subdirectories specified in podpath (default).


Specifies title for the resulting HTML file.


Displays progress messages.

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