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The authors would like to thank Ken Stone, Jerry McCollom, Peter Jeffe, Christopher Durham, Hal Stern, Bill Wisner, Dave Curry, Jeff Okamoto, Brad Knowles, K. Robert Elz, and Paul Vixie for their invaluable contributions to this book. We'd also like to thank our reviewers, Eric Pearce, Jack Repenning, Andrew Cherenson, Dan Trinkle, Bill LeFebvre, and John Sechrest for their criticism and suggestions. Without their help, this book would not be what it is (it'd be much shorter!).

For the second edition, the authors would like to add their thanks to their sterling review team: Dave Barr, Nigel Campbell, Bill LeFebvre, Mike Milligan, and Dan Trinkle.

For the third edition, the authors salute their technical review Dream Team: Bob Halley, Barry Margolin and Paul Vixie.

Cricket would particularly like to thank his former manager, Rick Nordensten, who is the very model of a modern HP manager, on whose watch the first version of this book was written; his neighbors, who bore his occasional crabbiness for many months; and of course his wife, Paige, for her unflagging support and for putting up with his tap-tap-tapping during her nap-nap-napping. For the second edition, Cricket would like to add a thank you to his former managers, Regina Kershner and Paul Klouda, for their support of Cricket's work with the Internet. For the third edition, Cricket acknowledges a debt of gratitude to his partner, Matt Larson, for his co-development of the Acme Razor.

Paul would like to thank his wife Katherine for her patience, for many review sessions, and for proving that she could make a quilt in her spare time more quickly than her spouse could write his half of a book.

We would also like to thank the folks at O'Reilly & Associates for their hard work and patience. Credit is especially due our editor, Mike Loukides; our production editor for the second edition, Nancy Kotary; Ellie Fountain Maden (third edition), Robert Romano (third edition), Steven Abrams; our production copy editor, Kismet McDonough-Chan; our indexers, Seth Maislin (second and third editions) and Ellie Cutler (first edition); our production tools specialists, Mike Sierra and Lenny Muellner; and our illustrator, Chris Reilley (second edition). Thanks besides to Jerry Peek, for all sorts of miscellaneous help, and to Tim O'Reilly, for inspiring us to put it all in print.

And thanks, Edie, for the cricket on the cover!

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