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A.7 The Future of the Korn Shell

David Korn continues to enhance the Korn shell at AT&T Bell Labs. At this writing, a new release is in beta test-usually the final step before a piece of software is released. However, negotiations between AT&T and USL (now Novell UNIX Systems Group) over distribution rights could very well postpone the new shell's public release for a couple of years or more.

Nevertheless, the new Korn shell has significant enhancements that make it worth looking forward to. These features are subject to change between the time of this writing and the new shell's public release. Here are some highlights:

The next release is expected to be incompatible with the 1988 Korn shell in a few ways, some of which are necessary for POSIX compliance (refer to the section on POSIX in this Appendix for more details):

Finally, the following features are expected eventually to become obsolete:

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