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30.38 Finding Your Place with Undo

Often, you're editing one part of a file, and need to go to another point to look at something. How do you get back?

You can mark your place with the m command. In command mode, type m followed by any letter. (We'll use x in the example.) Here are the commands to do the job:


Marks current position with x (x can be any letter).


Moves cursor to first character of line marked by x.


Moves cursor to character marked by x.


Returns to exact position of previous mark or context after a move.


Returns to the beginning of the line of the previous mark or context.

But I often find it just as easy to simply type u to undo my last edit. That pops me right back to the place where I was editing. Then I type u again to restore the edit. (I still use m if I want to mark more than one place.)


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