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6. Acknowledgments

The initial idea on how to do serialization was contributed by KH Wild to the php3 mailing list. It was limited to serializing arrays of at most three dimensions, though. We worked on his solution, improving it to arrays of arbitrary depth and later rewrote the function from scratch, turning it upside down. Our new serialization code can now handle any first order data type available to PHP and is easily extensible. It is also encapsulated in a class, keeping the name space clean. While we were at it, we made session cookies more secure by not using uniquid() directly, but a md5() hash of uniqid().

Cameron Taggart and Guarneri Carmelo contributed ODBC support. Szandor van Verseveld contributed PostgreSQL support. Scott McMullan contributed some nice ideas for cleanup and is working on Sybase support.

Sascha Schumann contributed much time developing and extending PHPLIB, including but not limited to mSQL/Sybase support, general storage container support, shared memory and LDAP support.

Alexander Aulbach submitted his Tree class. Jay Bloodworth contributed his excellent OOH Forms library for form generation and input validation.

A lot of people provided helpful hints and occasionally patches. Please see the file CREDITS for a complete list of contributors, testers and inspirations.

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